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Jouer Cosmetics Jet Set lip kit ‘Le Baie’ Review.

Hello Lovelies!

Today I’m going to be reviewing Jouer Cosmetics lip kit in ‘Le Baie.’ The lip kit consists of three different berry toned lip products; a lip liner, lip creme and lip topper. The lipliner is a full sized retractable lip liner where as the lip creme and lip topper are both travel sized ‘minis.’ I recieved my lip kit as a gift last Christmas however you can buy it for yourself at BeautyBay (here) it is usually £20.00 for the kit however it is currently on sale for £14.00.

‘La Baie’ lip kit.

The Basics.

  • 1x Retractable lip liner pencil in ‘Aubergine’
  • 1x Travel sized lip creme in ‘Blackberry’
  • 1x Travel sized lip topper in ‘Sugar Berry’
  • Cruelty free
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free

Product Description.

Jouer describes each products colour on their website as follows:

Aubergine lip liner – ‘A cool matte deep eggplant.

Blackberry – ‘A matte warm magenta.

Sugar Berry- ‘A metallic shimmering magenta.

The Packaging.

The idea of the packaging, I think, is supposed to resemble a suit case or travel bag with the name ‘Jet set’ and the travel sized products. The outer packaging is a dark greenish brown case with Jouer’s logo printed over in gold, with a gold trim. The inside is also gold with Jouer’s logo printed and a space to slot each lip product into. The names of each product are printed underneath the space in a pretty lighter, shiny gold. I really like the packaging and I think it makes a beautiful gift for someone as it looks expensive and high end. However, I wouldn’t say it is convenient for travelling as it is quite bulky, but the idea may be just to be able to take the mini sized products rather than the full case.


I have swatches the lip products in natural light and with flash, this is to show how the colours differ in different lighting and to show the reflect in the lip topper.

Swatches without flash.

In natural light the colours of the swatches appear true to their shade descriptions. The lip liner is a very matte deep egglant colour, it is a rich purple with a reddish undertone. The lip creme is a true berry colour, a reddish pink with a bluish undertone and the lip topper is a magenta pink with shimmering flecks throughout. As you can see the shades are all nicely pigmented, especially the lip liner. The lip creme and the lip topper are less opaque as you can still see my skin through them however the colour is rich.

Swatches with flash.

When photographed with flash you can really see the true colour of the lip topper. The lip liner and the lip creme stay the same as they are matte, however the lip topper reflects some gorgeous colours. With flash, the lip topper has a magenta pink base with gorgeous blue, gold and lilac shimmers scattered through the product. The shimmers can be seen on the lips when the light catches them or you are in the sunlight. I think these colours are gorgeous for the winter as they are a really festive berry shade and glitter always makes me think of Christmas and New Year. However, I also think these colours are pretty all year around.

Formula and longevity.

Aubergine lip liner and Blackberry lip creme.

Aubergine is a beautiful matte creme lip liner. It is super soft and creamy to apply and does not drag or pull. It seems to be a lot less waxy than other lip liners I own and can be applied to the lips with very little pressure at all. At first, I was sceptical at the ability for this lip liner to actually line the lips and stop bleeding and feathering due to its creaminess, but I was proven wrong as I did not experience any bleeding or feathering throughout the day. I actually think I prefer this creamier feeling lip liner to waxier lip liners as it feels more comfortable on my lips. The colour combination is also gorgeous, I really like how the lip liner is a much richer eggplant purple rather than a match for the lip creme and lip topper. This makes the lip kit more versatile as you can deepen the lip look by filling in your lips with the lip liner first to make a more vampy purple undertone. For this review, I just lined the outside of my lips and softly blended the lip liner in so I did not have a harsh line.

The lip liner and lip creme freshly applied.

Blackberry is described as a lip creme rather than a liquid lipstick and I would agree. My usual go-to liquid lipsticks are the ones by Jeffree Star Cosmetics which dry down completely and feel light on the lips. This lip creme by Jouer feels very different. When you first apply the lip creme, it feels quite thick on the lips and looks shiny, it then begins to dry down and it seems to mesh more with your lips. Although, I would say it doesn’t dry down completely as my lips still have a slight stickiness to them and I am aware I have product on my lips when I wear this lip creme, it also transfers when touched. I wore this lip creme with the lip liner for the first half of my day (about 5 hours) and experienced a bit of fading and transfer but not to the point where I felt the need to top-up my lipstick. In that time, I had a cup of tea and talked a lot as I was teaching a dance class so the lipstick held up really well. I then ate my dinner and the lipstick did fade from the inside of my mouth and I would want to top it up, that is normal for liquid lipsticks in my opinion and I’m happy to do so, especially since the lipstick faded nicely without flaking or cracking. Overall, I do like the formula, it does not bleed outside of the lip lines and my lips don’t feel dry. Although, I do still prefer the Jeffree Star Cosmetics formula as I can completely forget I am wearing a lip product when I wear them as they are lighter on the lips.

Sugar Berry lip topper over Blackberry and Aubergine.

Sugar Berry is described as a lip topper which I assume means it is supposed to be layered over other lip products. However, if you wanted to wear this product as a lip gloss I’m sure you could as the base colour is actually quite opaque. For this review, I decided to wear it over the other lip products in the kit as suggested (after the 5 hours of wearing just the lip creme) and it gave a pretty sparkly effect to the lip look. Personally, I am not a glossy or shiny lip girl, I find glossy products uncomfortable as I feel them throughout the day and I find the transfer annoying. This is still the case with this lip topper and I also feel as though I can feel tiny gritty glitters on my lips when I rub my lips together. I think the lip topper gives the lips a pretty effect but I believe it also decreases the longevity of the lip creme underneath as it transfers a lot, after applying the lip topper, within an hour the lip creme has faded considerably and I would want to top it up. However, I think if you like a glossier lip, are used to glossy lips or wore this lip topper alone it may work a lot better.

Final Thoughts.

I really like this lip kit, I think it is really good value for money as you are getting three beautiful lip products in the set. The colours in this set are all gorgeous berry red tones and I think they would suit all skin tones. The packaging is also stunning and very ‘gift-able’ as it looks high end and beautiful. Personally, I am not too fond of the lip topper, however I just don’t like glossier lips, if you do like glossy lips I don’t think you would be disappointed as the colour is beautiful and pigmented. Overall, I would recommend buying this lip set, especially when it is on sale, as it is really pretty and the products perform nicely.

Thank you for reading!

Emily x